Cotton – The fabric of our lives

Web Design

Cotton was in need of a rebranding to appeal to a younger target and position cotton as not just a fabric found in your clothes, but a foundation for your fashionable lifestyle.

In the center of this re-brand was a content-rich website that serves as the digital destination for users to seek out information, inspiration and all things cotton. As the creative lead on the website, I conceptualized, designed and gave Cotton an entirely new look and feel across all platforms and initiatives.

I also worked closely with the developers to create a custom CMS that allows content to be re-circulated in multiple places to make the site feel as if fresh content is constantly being served up, and to encourage users to keep exploring so they spend more time on the site.

Also included in this new website is an expanded shopping section that features multiple monthly collections, a robust information hub that explains everything you need to know about cotton in the form of bite-sized facts, and two new video series- Common Threads Films and Cotton Makers.

Cotton - The Fabric of Our Lives

Cotton - The Fabric of our lives

Cotton - The Fabric of our lives

Site Design Copywriter:
Melissa McCarthy

Common Threads Video AD:
Rachel Newell
Tyler Kirsch

Makers Video Series:
Lindsey Eckwell
Step Schultz