Reebok Fit Hub

Web Design

My role on this project was to work with the experiential design director to help conceptualize and design the campaign section of The campaign successfully launch in early 2014.

The Project evolved over 8 months of development, with a large focus on how typography could be flexible across the modular based site and then continue to be consistent in over 29 languages. The leading discussions on typography were to keep the campaign as close to the print as possible; we felt we rose to the challenge in designing a typography break point system based on character counts.

This lead to a full style guide creation including color theory that was handed off to Reebok worldwide to incorporate into there the global site style guide.

Reebok Fit Hub

Reebok Fit Hub

Megan Sheehan Mitchell Reebok

Reebok Fitness Hub

Site Copywriter:
Melissa McCarthy

Lead Visual Design
Mario Azzi