Ocho Product Design

Ocho is product that allows you capture or upload 8 second videos from your phone to share and view in TV mode. You can add your own replies VIA video, voice-over, or time lapse all from your personal profile. My role was to step in as lead designer halfway through the project and assist with look and feel, design needs, on-boarding, UI and UX.

Ocho Product


Telling a story through a 8 second video can capture so much more than just a photo. As a platform, Ocho allows users to upload content that focus on journalistic and media content to this story-telling app.

User Feed

A User's feed is populated with their connection's latest and greatest videos. Responses could be sent in the form of a "heart" repost, or users could create their own video message to send back.

Design System

As a new product all UI elements were created and documented in a style guide to allow for developers and designers to easily understand the standard library patterns put into place.

Ocho Product Ocho Product Ocho Product


I only worked on this project for a few short months. The app successfully launch, but the market adoption wasn’t as desired as the founders would have liked. Ironically, many of the features and core components are similar to the base of TikTok. I have a feeling that the app was just before its time based on market needs.